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Why OPCSystems.NET?

  • Performance – Scan 1 million tags per server with 100 nanosecond resolution. Log 1 million tags per second to a SQL database.
  • Reliability – Windows service architecture – Always running / Data buffering at the source – Never lose data.
  • Flexibility – Access and share data from OPC Servers, OPC Clients, Databases, Files, Existing SCADA Systems, .NET apps, existing SCADA systems, Information Systems, and more.

  • Scalability – Supports unlimited client applications / distributed architecture / live data cloud.
  • Secure Networking – Reliable data transport – WCF communications – data packets encrypted / fast / low bandwidth.
  • Open Software Development – Microsoft Visual Studio Development Environment for .NET Smart Client applications and open jQuery library for HTML5 – Create world-class HMI / SCADA applications.

  • Software Integration – Access proprietary data/ deliver data in an OPEN format / easier integration with business apps – MES, ERP, CMMS, .NET.
  • Economics – Quick to develop. Quick to deploy. Low cost – dramatically less than the competition.
  • Software Automation – One Click OPC – One Click Database, One Click HMI.

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OPCSystems.NET is a suite of .NET and HTML5 products for SCADA, HMI and live data management that provides breakthrough, open connectivity, reliability, and security.


Standalone systems start at $195

Networked multi-user systems start at $341


OPC Systems.NET –  Free Evaluation.

Everything you need to build an excellent SCADA,HMI, .NET, and WEB Applications. Quickly. Without touching a line of code.